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City Cops: Sweet Revengence

August 1, 2011

After his long time partner is killed by a Yakuza assassin Officer Max and his new partner McClasky set out to serve up the dish best served cold, revengence to the people responsible. Made as part of the Des Moines 2011 48 Hour Film Project.


The Ludwig Experience

October 23, 2010

SouthSiderStudios and One Genome Short present a thriller/suspense film that will make you keep looking behind you. Coping with a tragedy in her life Lucy Ludwig tries to put the past behind her and move on with her life, but someone or something intends on dragging her back.

Return of the Ring

August 13, 2010

On an epic journey to pawn a powerful ring, two friends without reliable transportation encounter aggressive bums, a hateful ex and an exuberant couple of salad-tossing alcoholics.


August 1, 2009

SouthSiderStudios fifth 48 Hour Film. Watch as an out of work henchman and an up and coming henchwoman try out for the same job. Genre: Mockumentary, Line of Dialogue: I have three words for you, Prop: Can opener, Character: Greg or Gretta Calhoun, Architect


February 19, 2009

FATASSassin Trailer

February 9, 2009


August 1, 2008

Two best friends force their boyfriends to become better acquainted by setting the two men up on a “date.” Surprisingly, Charlie and Linus quickly hit it off and become close friends, causing jealousy and tension between them and their girlfriends.

This film was made as part of the 2008 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project.
Character: Alan West, Door-to-Door Salesperson
Prop: Blue Painter’s Tape
Line of Dialogue: “What’s it to you, pal?”

City Cops Outtakes

August 7, 2007

City Cops

August 1, 2007

The Preacher and the Creature

November 1, 2006


August 1, 2006

Mr. and Mr. Smith Outtakes

November 8, 2005

Mr. and Mr. Smith

November 1, 2005

Our own Brad and Angelina, this is our first crack (no pun intended) at The National Film Challenge. The film made it into the Top 15 of the nation.
We drew Romance yet again so we put a nice spin on things, watch for Pat Oglesby a door to door salesman, gravy, and the dialogue “Ahh, but can you do this?”

Boy Lost Girl

August 1, 2005

Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl….
Our first 48 Hour Film Project and winner of four awards; Audience Awards for Best Acting, Best Directing, Best use of character, and Judges’ Award for Best Use of Character.
Our genre was Romance and keep your eye out for C. Johnson Cartographer, A paper airplane, and the dialogue “There’s a first time for everything.”

This is a SouthSiderStudios podcast

July 1, 2004

This is a SouthSiderStudios podcast